My twins turned 10 and we celebrated with a Nintendo Switch inspired Game Truck party. We used the classic red, blue and black from the game controllers to create our party theme.

The cake was clean and simple. Level 10 was used throughout the party to reference the birthday milestone. I love that this can be changed for any age. An amazing cake/fondant controller was created by our baker to top the cake.

I wanted a big backdrop for the statement piece on my party table. This GAME ON printable party sign was perfect. 

Most of our party was spent in the Game Truck so we didn’t need a ton of food. We served pizza, popcorn, and Powerade and added the party favors to the table for the guests to take home.

Printable labels were created to wrap around Powerade or Gatorade bottles. This added to the red and blue table. I chose Powerade because they had black lids to tie in even more.

I purchased red and blue solo cups and plastic lids from our local restaurant supply store to make these fun popcorn cups. Printable cupcake toppers with game controllers added to our video game party theme.

These candy bar wrappers made a super fast party favor. Print, cut, and wrap. The back says Thanks for Gaming with us/me!

Red gumballs in tubes were my other super easy party favor addition to the table. I tied a printable favor tag to them. Both favors were perfect to grab and go as the parents arrived.

The printable décor includes this great editable happy birthday banner. You can easily add a child’s name as well.

I love how the table turned out. It had a masculine feel with bright colors. Perfect for tween or teen boys.

The biggest labor of love in this party space was this giant Nintendo Switch controller. I used the sides of a trifold (think science fair) poster board my kids had left over. I painted them blue and red and cute out circle to make the controller buttons. I left part of the fold/flap on the side and used that to attach it to the tv with packing tape. haha! Super fancy. I connected our switch to the tv to display the screen. It was a HUGE hit!

The LEVEL 10 banner was the perfect addition to the mantel. It is oversized and available with all numbers to create any age needed.

When each guest arrived the were greeted with a VIP Game Truck Pass on a lanyard. The boys wore these throughout the party.

Centerpieces were added to the entry table with more of the great game controller images. These can be personalized with the name and age.

The biggest hit of the party was this amazing game truck. The boys went NUTS! I don’t think there is a more perfect way to contain and entertain 14- 10 yr old boys. They were so happy to be allowed to play games. Screen time!!! The truck had many kinds of game consoles and games available. The took turns rotating for the duration of the party.

Happy Birthday boys! How are you 10?

You can find the video game party editable printable package in my shop.

Video Game Back Drop/ Large Sign


Video Game Printable Editable Invitation



February 18th, 2020

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