My 8 year old is very interested in how things work. He loves watching videos on science experiments. So I thought a science party would be the perfect theme for his birthday this year. We spent the party doing lots of different kid friendly science experiments. They all LOVED it! There were smiles plastered on all of their faces. Watch for my next post including all of the step by step details for our activities. Setting up decor for this party was one of my favorites yet! It was so colorful and I loved using different science elements. Don’t forget to check out the bottom of the post for a list of where I got everything!


The balloon garland was the biggest focal point of the space. The curly white balloons mimicked an explosion and gave a fun contrast.
We had lots of fun science party food including worms and frogs for dissection, rock candy, dipped pretzel rods, petri dish jello, and cupcakes.


Printable cupcake toppers dressed up store bought cupcakes featuring tons of science images. Beakers filled with colored water added fun to tables throughout the space.


Each guest received a lab coat, goggles and a name badge. They made such cute little scientists. They all loved dressing the part. This made great favors to send home.


We lucked out to have nice weather for the party and were able to host it on my back porch. I had 4 tables. One for all of the treats, one for their coats which later became my station for experiment items, one for the kids to do experiments at and finally the last one was for eating. It was nice to have a separate space for each thing without having to clear the table for each part of the party.


The party table where kids sat to eat was a fun space to create. I  started with double sided science centerpieces using elements from my printable party package. Everything was glued to lollipop sticks and layered in a container (floral foam is used inside) to create these great centerpieces. I added a printable warning sign, and several science party tableware items like the beaker cups. It was colorful and inviting for them to all gather.


Another favor were these cute test tubes filled with jelly beans. I attached a printable science favor tag to each one and placed them at each place setting.


When the kids arrived we had activity sheets to work on while waiting. Later at this table each child received a large foil pan to contain all of their experiment fun.

The table you saw earlier with lab coats transformed into my science lab station. I had trays with ingredients for each experiment we were doing. I measured out each item before the party which made the party go SO MUCH faster. I was able to hand out items to all 8 kids in no time and everyone was ready to start.


When choosing kid science experiments for the party I started small and built with bigger and more fun activities as the party went on. This kept their attention the whole time. Our first activity was to create molecules using toothpicks, marshmallows and gum drops. I gave every set of 2 kids a sheet of examples to build. They created shapes over and over and of


Next we made exploding colorful bubbles. This was a simple reaction of baking soda, vinegar and food coloring.


We also used baking soda and vinegar to blow up a balloon building on the above reaction.


Next was every parents favorite activity (haha) SLIME! They each picked their own colors and add ins. I found great containers that it our slime recipe perfectly. Each slime jar was personalized with each child’s name.


Our big finale was Elephant Toothpaste. This was a HUGE hit. (See my notes on this experiment in my next post for making it touch friendly)


Overall we filled the 2.5 hrs completely and the kids had a blast. All of the little scientists went home with tons of goodies and favors. They each took home a lab coat, goggles, name badge, slime, activity sheet, favor tube and rock candy. I love parties where the activity lends itself to things the guests can take home. I hope you enjoyed our science party and can use some ideas for your little scientists birthday party. See below for a list of supplies we used. The next post will have all of the experiment details.


Printable Decor- 5M Creations

Lab Coats – Amazon (AD) (I cannot recommend the company I got ours from as we had many issues but I ordered an alternative on Amazon that was great quality.)

Aprons – Amazon (AD) Much cheaper option than lab coats.

Goggles – Amazon (AD)

Party Shirt – Etsy

Shirt Alternative – Amazon (AD)

Science Beakers (2styles) – Amazon & Amazon (AD)

Test Tubes/Science Kit – Amazon (AD)

Petri Dishes – Amazon (AD)

Lanyards – Amazon (AD)

Slime Containers – Amazon (AD)

Experiment Cups – Amazon (AD) (Tons of size options)

Balloon Pump – Amazon (AD)

White Balloons – Amazon (AD)

Gloves – Amazon (AD) (Adult but run SUPER small. Perfect for kids.)

White Fitted Table Cloths – Amazon (AD)

Science Paper Plates/Napkins – Amazon (AD)

Beaker Cups, Candy Test Tubes – Oriental Trading Co.

June 23rd, 2022

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Some parents got together to throw an end of the school year party for our graduating 6th graders. Many students had home-schooled this year due to covid or had only been back in school part time for a few weeks. We wanted to find a way to celebrate them all together! We hosted an outdoor movie night with yard games like giant jenga, checkers, corn hole, basketball, and 9 square. We had pizza for dinner and a concession table for movie time! It was so much fun for everyone to just be kids and enjoy their time together after so long apart.

Our set up was an amazing 3 car driveway at a friend’s house. Each garage door served as our backdrop for 3 areas. A photo prop backdrop, the movie screen, and our concessions table. We put tables in the driveway for kids to eat at then moved them for chairs for the movie once it got dark enough. It worked perfectly!

This theme is so much fun for almost any event! or just a family backyard movie night. Check out my twins’ party using the same printables HERE!

Party Supplies:

Printable Decor- 5M Creations

Popcorn Boxes- AMAZON (AD)

Popcorn Maker- AMAZON (AD)

Giant Jenga- AMAZON (AD)

Giant Checkers- AMAZON (AD)

Giant Connect Four- AMAZON (AD)



July 7th, 2021

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This is the final craft of the 3 Mario Party tutorials I have been sharing. This one is my favorite. These Mystery Boxes and Bricks make such a great impact in the party space and a pretty easy to make. I used them on my party table and on my mantle by the TV playing Mario. They would also be great stacked by the front door to greet guests. Even hang them on the wall! I hope you enjoy this tutorial and create some for your own party. Make sure to tag me on instagram in your party pics! @5MCreations

See the full Mario inspired party HERE! You can also find tutorials to the Mario & Luigi Hats and the Princess Peach Crowns in my last 2 posts.

For the FREE Printable Files you can download them HERE! Enjoy!



June 18th, 2021

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Today I am sharing craft number 2 in my Mario Party DIY Tutorials. The Princess Peach crown. This one is even simpler than the Mario and Luigi hats on my last post. You need 12x18in yellow craft foam (you can make 3 crowns from this), either jewels or glitter foam to cut out circles, a headband of your choice and hot glue. You can find the template I referenced HERE thanks to Oh My Glitzy! Follow the step by step instructions on the video to make your own crowns. Enjoy!

Make sure to check out the full party HERE!

June 17th, 2021

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Do you have a video game lover in your house? I happen to have 3! My youngest asked for a Mario inspired birthday party so I looked to Pinterest for some fun ideas. I created this Mario inspired FREE printable party decor, found some awesome game and craft ideas and I cannot wait to share it with you. Watch for another post with video tutorials on a few items. See the bottom of the post for links to all of the products I used.

The backdrop was the focal point of the party table. The cloud paper was a photo backdrop I got on clearance at Joann Fabric. I added some green butcher paper hills and the Mario inspired printable happy birthday banner.

Each guest received a favor box filled with goodies. They included Mario fruit snacks, a pencil. mustaches, Mario stickers and gold coins.

Each box had a printable “Thanks for Playing” favor tag.

Power Up printable treat bag toppers were the perfect addition for the gold coins.

Printable Mario inspired cupcake toppers were added to store bought cupcakes for a sweet treat.

I cut out little mushrooms to add to the front of solid color snack cups I got at the dollar store. An easy way to dress up our popcorn snack.

Water bottle wraps are always a go to for me. I love how easy it is to add the theme to something so basic. The kids love drinking out of them.


I saw several different Piranha plant ideas on pinterest but ended up making my own paper fans out of red cardstock and a tube with an oatmeal canister. I will add more details in my next post.

I designed these printable 3D brick and mystery boxes to stack on my party table. They were so much fun! (TUTORIAL HERE)

Party guests were given a hat and mustache when they arrived. (TUTORIAL HERE & HERE)

For party games we did a Fire and Ice Ball throwing contest. Green bowls from the dollar store were our green tubes. The kids tossed bean bags into the tubes to earn points.

We played pin the mustache on Mario. (Printable file for free at the end of the post)

Stomp the Goomba. I cut paper feet out of cardstock, punched a hole at the back and pulled the knot of the balloon through to make them stand up. I was originally going to add faces to them, but never got it done. Honestly the kids didn’t care. Inside each balloon I put a chocolate gold coin. They they defeated (popped) the Goomba and got a gold coin. Each kid got to stomp 3 Goombas. This was the kid’s favorite game.

Next we knocked over cups with our Yoshi Tongues (party blower). First to knock over every cup won.

We had Mario coloring sheets I printed from free. The kids did this while we were waiting for everyone to arrive. It was a nice activity while we waited.

This last craft I found on Fab Everyday. The kids made piranha plant tubes by coloring a printable piranha plant and gluing it to a craft stick. We cut a slit in the bottom of the cup for the stick to slide up and down. They LOVED this activity. Thanks Fab Everyday for the idea. Check out her post for more Mario Party Ideas.

We played a Mario soundtrack I found on youtube during the party. It was perfect! It also added a fun graphic to the tv. My mantle was decorated with more of the mystery and brick boxes, piranha plant and a mini banner made with printable characters. I added a circle banner I had left from our LEGO inspired party that was the exact same colors.

I hope you enjoyed some of our Mario Inspired party tips. The kids had a blast and took home lots of fun Mario goodies. You can find the FREE Mario inspired printable decor in my shop. It includes everything shown below plus a few extras. If you are wondering where I got most of the non printable items shown above there is a party supply list is below! Comment with how you used the decor and email me any party pics at to possibly have your party featured. Happy party planning!


Party Supplies:

Printable party decor: 5M Creations

Red/Green Favor Boxes: Amazon (AD)

Mario Sticker: Amazon (AD)

Mario Party Blowers: Amazon (AD)

Mustaches: Amazon (AD)

Brown Balloons: Amazon (AD)

Yellow Star Balloons: Amazon (AD)

Mario Fruit Snacks: Amazon (AD)

Mario Pencils: Amazon (AD)

Gold Chocolate Coins: Amazon (AD)


Not Shown but a few other fun products:

Mario Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (gift for the birthday boy): Amazon (AD)

Mario Paper Plates: Amazon (AD)

Mario Pez Dispenser Favors: Amazon (AD)

Yellow Cake Stand: Amazon (AD)

Red Cake Stand: Amazon (AD)



April 12th, 2021

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This sweet little one had a birthday during quarantine. While they didn’t get to have a big party, her mom had the most adorable smash cake photo session. These are the cutest photos ever!!! That tiny little poodle skirt is ADORABLE! This is such a fun way to celebrate a big milestone birthday.

Photos courtesy of Sarah Logsdon

You can find the printable party sign HERE! I also have TONS of fun party photos using this theme on my blog HERE. Check check them out.

The custom one year stats poster is not yet available in my store. If you are interested please email me at

September 14th, 2020

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I know I say this a lot but my daughter’s 50’s Party theme (click to see the original party) was the most FAVORITE party I have thrown. There were so many fun details. It has quickly become one of my most popular sellers. I am sharing some customer photos below from several different parties for both boys and girls. I have sold this party many times for retirement or 50 and 60 year old birthday parties also. There is not just one way to use my printable files. This is such a great example of this. You can find the printable package HERE! Enjoy!

September 8th, 2020

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School looks very different for most families this year, but it can still include a fun first day of school photo no matter where you are doing school. I am sharing 2 First Day of School signs for those first day moments. Create a few fun moments with your child capturing them at this stage. Whether you are at your normal school or schooling from home I hope your little ones have a great year!

Click HERE to download the free signs.


August 10th, 2020

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Graduation looks different this year for the Class of 2020 but that doesn’t mean they can’t be celebrated. I am sharing my little sister’s Grad Party we had at my parents’ home for her 2018 Graduation for inspiration. These are all things that can easily be done at home to create a special space to celebrate your Grad. I am also including FREE PRINTABLES as my gift to the Class of 2020! Your accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. Congratulations on your achievements. You deserve to be celebrated.

Nothing on this party table was very hard but put together it creates a fun space celebrating your grad. The 2018 numbers were just cut out of cardstock and layered over some paper fans from the craft store. You can find similar ones here on Amazon (AD).  Add some special treats with graduation printables and a few photos and you have a table that will make your grad feel loved. I also include several banner options in my printable set below. 

Cupcake toppers are a great way to personalize your table. I have made the printables editable so you can put your graduates name. The colors of the tassels have been updated to be all gold so they will work for any school.

This sign was created by printing a photo with the words I am including below and layering it on gold paper from the craft store. A keepsake for the grad in addition to being fun décor.

Balloons in your school color are the perfect addition to the black and white décor.

Add your school color with dipped pretzel rods. Just drizzle with melting chocolate in your color of choice.

These centerpieces were created using die cuts from a cricut but I also include printable centerpiece circles in my FREE Graduation décor set below. The tissue poms were made using gold glitter tulle to add some dimension and sparkle.

While guests cannot fill out wish cards at the party you could send out cards ahead of time to loved ones and have them return them to you. Surprise your grad with a box full of wishes from loved ones who can’t be there to celebrate.

Create a photo banner using school photos from K-12. These congrats balloons are a fun way to celebrate. You can find some similar ones here on Amazon (AD).

Congrats Class of 2020. Enjoy the FREE Printables here in my shop!



May 19th, 2020

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I thought I would take this time at home to work on a few blog posts and add some pretty photos to your feeds. The party I am sharing today was my favorite summer party last year. It was thrown by a friend for her 9 yr old daughter. She LOVES animals and all things rainbow. This was such a fun bright and cheery way to combine the two. She wanted safari animals and I found this adorable art with rainbow colored animals. I paired it with rainbow animal prints for this fun printable party package.

The party table was kept simple but made such a great impact in the space. I love the simple streamer backdrop.

How adorable is this cake? It is just a simple store bought cake dressed up. The mom bought these tiny party hats and added them to plastic safari animals. My favorite piece is the honeycomb rainbow topper. This was also made. She purchased tiny honeycombs and glued them to a rainbow shaped piece of cardboard. Amazing!

In addition to this great cake there were cupcakes with my printable rainbow animal cupcake toppers.

My favorite part of this party was this amazing kids table! The place settings were done in rainbow colors. I could not stop taking pictures of this table!

Every pair of chairs had a tissue pom as a centerpiece, colored cups, napkins, bubble wands, favor boxes, and place cards to match each color.

The favor tags and water bottle wraps had the rainbow stripe pattern to tie it all together.

The favor boxes had a cute tulle pom tied to the top and were filled with pink and white animal cookies. So fun!

The bright rainbow colors against the white base made such a gorgeous table!

The other piece in the space that I loved was this tissue pom wreath chandelier. The poms were tied to a metal ring form and then hung above the table.


The main party was held under the tent in the backyard however guests were greeted with this fun animal filled table at the entry. Such a fun way to mix in favorite animal friends.

The main activity of the party was an animal show by Party Animals NW! The party host was able to choose from a list of animals they provide. They brought several of their animal friends to share with the kids. They shared lots of fun facts. Some of the animals all of the party guests could touch, others were shy and just the birthday girl got to interact with. The kids ALL LOVED this show.

The birthday girl does not have a dog so this sweet boy Sake (Shiba Inu) came to visit. He showed us lots of fun tricks and loved to be pet. He snuggled up with the kids while the rest of the show went on.

Here are a few more of the animals the party girl chose to have come.

Pixie the Chinchilla.

Penelope the Hedgehog.

Sumo the Sulcata Tortoise.

Stanley the Flemish Giant Rabbit

Such a fun and beautiful party!

You can find these rainbow animal printables and matching invitation in my store.

April 2nd, 2020

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