My 8 year old is very interested in how things work. He loves watching videos on science experiments. So I thought a science party would be the perfect theme for his birthday this year. We spent the party doing lots of different kid friendly science experiments. They all LOVED it! There were smiles plastered on all of their faces. Watch for my next post including all of the step by step details for our activities. Setting up decor for this party was one of my favorites yet! It was so colorful and I loved using different science elements. Don’t forget to check out the bottom of the post for a list of where I got everything!


The balloon garland was the biggest focal point of the space. The curly white balloons mimicked an explosion and gave a fun contrast.
We had lots of fun science party food including worms and frogs for dissection, rock candy, dipped pretzel rods, petri dish jello, and cupcakes.


Printable cupcake toppers dressed up store bought cupcakes featuring tons of science images. Beakers filled with colored water added fun to tables throughout the space.


Each guest received a lab coat, goggles and a name badge. They made such cute little scientists. They all loved dressing the part. This made great favors to send home.


We lucked out to have nice weather for the party and were able to host it on my back porch. I had 4 tables. One for all of the treats, one for their coats which later became my station for experiment items, one for the kids to do experiments at and finally the last one was for eating. It was nice to have a separate space for each thing without having to clear the table for each part of the party.


The party table where kids sat to eat was a fun space to create. I  started with double sided science centerpieces using elements from my printable party package. Everything was glued to lollipop sticks and layered in a container (floral foam is used inside) to create these great centerpieces. I added a printable warning sign, and several science party tableware items like the beaker cups. It was colorful and inviting for them to all gather.


Another favor were these cute test tubes filled with jelly beans. I attached a printable science favor tag to each one and placed them at each place setting.


When the kids arrived we had activity sheets to work on while waiting. Later at this table each child received a large foil pan to contain all of their experiment fun.

The table you saw earlier with lab coats transformed into my science lab station. I had trays with ingredients for each experiment we were doing. I measured out each item before the party which made the party go SO MUCH faster. I was able to hand out items to all 8 kids in no time and everyone was ready to start.


When choosing kid science experiments for the party I started small and built with bigger and more fun activities as the party went on. This kept their attention the whole time. Our first activity was to create molecules using toothpicks, marshmallows and gum drops. I gave every set of 2 kids a sheet of examples to build. They created shapes over and over and of


Next we made exploding colorful bubbles. This was a simple reaction of baking soda, vinegar and food coloring.


We also used baking soda and vinegar to blow up a balloon building on the above reaction.


Next was every parents favorite activity (haha) SLIME! They each picked their own colors and add ins. I found great containers that it our slime recipe perfectly. Each slime jar was personalized with each child’s name.


Our big finale was Elephant Toothpaste. This was a HUGE hit. (See my notes on this experiment in my next post for making it touch friendly)


Overall we filled the 2.5 hrs completely and the kids had a blast. All of the little scientists went home with tons of goodies and favors. They each took home a lab coat, goggles, name badge, slime, activity sheet, favor tube and rock candy. I love parties where the activity lends itself to things the guests can take home. I hope you enjoyed our science party and can use some ideas for your little scientists birthday party. See below for a list of supplies we used. The next post will have all of the experiment details.


Printable Decor- 5M Creations

Lab Coats – Amazon (AD) (I cannot recommend the company I got ours from as we had many issues but I ordered an alternative on Amazon that was great quality.)

Aprons – Amazon (AD) Much cheaper option than lab coats.

Goggles – Amazon (AD)

Party Shirt – Etsy

Shirt Alternative – Amazon (AD)

Science Beakers (2styles) – Amazon & Amazon (AD)

Test Tubes/Science Kit – Amazon (AD)

Petri Dishes – Amazon (AD)

Lanyards – Amazon (AD)

Slime Containers – Amazon (AD)

Experiment Cups – Amazon (AD) (Tons of size options)

Balloon Pump – Amazon (AD)

White Balloons – Amazon (AD)

Gloves – Amazon (AD) (Adult but run SUPER small. Perfect for kids.)

White Fitted Table Cloths – Amazon (AD)

Science Paper Plates/Napkins – Amazon (AD)

Beaker Cups, Candy Test Tubes – Oriental Trading Co.

June 23rd, 2022

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