Flowers are blooming and the sun is shining. Ok so it’s only March but it has been gorgeous here and making me long for summer days. If you are a planner like me you are already thinking ahead to summer birthdays. I am sharing a few of my most popular themes great for those summer birthdays. None of my kids actually have summer birthdays. I am always so envious of friends who get to have warm, water filled backyard parties. I hope you enjoy some of the ideas below.


Do you have a mermaid lover? This party has such gorgeous colors that scream mermaid. It’s a beautiful mix of classic party décor, balloons, treats, etc and backyard fun. This would be a great theme for a birthday party hosted at a pool as well.

Sand buckets are the perfect container for a party favor. Guests will get lots of use from it all summer long.

Water guns, sprinklers, a pool. Any water play is the perfect activity. Beach towels double as mermaid tails. A perfect mix of function and fun!You can see more mermaid party photo details here.



Next up is a PIRATE party theme. This is a great theme for boys and girls as shown in this party for 3 siblings. They utilized their trampoline to create the sea. kiddy pool as walk the plank, party games, and an amazing pirate ship made by mom.

Check out all of the pirate party fun here. There are lots more pirate party tips including a tattoo station and lots of great pirate party food ideas.



This next party is a personal favorite. I threw a camping themed birthday for my twins. This actually wasn’t in the summer. We battled rain, but it was so worth it. A camping theme can be done in the backyard or at an actual campground. The most important thing is, Don’t Forget the Smores!

We had a scavenger hunt in the forest behind our house. This was a big hit.

Hotdogs and smores over the fire was the party themed party food. Easy and delicious. We also had a create your own trail mix bar. Lots of yummy snacks to mix and match.

These smores kits were just one of the party favors the boys took home. Check out more details here.




A lemonade stand is such a classic memory of a childhood summer day. If your kid has not done one, I am sure they have probably asked to at some point. I know mine have. We have never lived in a great place to have a real lemonade stand. This party brought all of the fun with a beautiful tea party feel right in our backyard.

Sweet treats and party favors around the lemon theme were such a great addition to this lemonade stand. The girls took turns serving each other at the stand and enjoyed a beautiful table to eat their treats.

See more lemonade party details here!



Last is this cute dolphin party. A warm summer day lends itself well to any theme under the sea. Tissue poms and simple streamers create a perfect watery backdrop.

A fun photo booth with props from your summer activities is a great way to capture silly moments with your party guests.

Add any water activity to this theme and you have your party activity done! The kids played for hours.

This is another theme where sand buckets work perfectly for party favors. They are inexpensive and easy to find at your local dollar store.

Printable party decor is such an easy way to dress up any party and season of the year.

More dolphin party details here. 

Here are a few more summer themes available in my shop.

Watermelon, Cherry, Mermaid(2), Camping(2 more styles), Flamingo, Baseball

Happy summer party planning!

March 5th, 2020

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My twins turned 10 and we celebrated with a Nintendo Switch inspired Game Truck party. We used the classic red, blue and black from the game controllers to create our party theme.

The cake was clean and simple. Level 10 was used throughout the party to reference the birthday milestone. I love that this can be changed for any age. An amazing cake/fondant controller was created by our baker to top the cake.

I wanted a big backdrop for the statement piece on my party table. This GAME ON printable party sign was perfect. 

Most of our party was spent in the Game Truck so we didn’t need a ton of food. We served pizza, popcorn, and Powerade and added the party favors to the table for the guests to take home.

Printable labels were created to wrap around Powerade or Gatorade bottles. This added to the red and blue table. I chose Powerade because they had black lids to tie in even more.

I purchased red and blue solo cups and plastic lids from our local restaurant supply store to make these fun popcorn cups. Printable cupcake toppers with game controllers added to our video game party theme.

These candy bar wrappers made a super fast party favor. Print, cut, and wrap. The back says Thanks for Gaming with us/me!

Red gumballs in tubes were my other super easy party favor addition to the table. I tied a printable favor tag to them. Both favors were perfect to grab and go as the parents arrived.

The printable décor includes this great editable happy birthday banner. You can easily add a child’s name as well.

I love how the table turned out. It had a masculine feel with bright colors. Perfect for tween or teen boys.

The biggest labor of love in this party space was this giant Nintendo Switch controller. I used the sides of a trifold (think science fair) poster board my kids had left over. I painted them blue and red and cute out circle to make the controller buttons. I left part of the fold/flap on the side and used that to attach it to the tv with packing tape. haha! Super fancy. I connected our switch to the tv to display the screen. It was a HUGE hit!

The LEVEL 10 banner was the perfect addition to the mantel. It is oversized and available with all numbers to create any age needed.

When each guest arrived the were greeted with a VIP Game Truck Pass on a lanyard. The boys wore these throughout the party.

Centerpieces were added to the entry table with more of the great game controller images. These can be personalized with the name and age.

The biggest hit of the party was this amazing game truck. The boys went NUTS! I don’t think there is a more perfect way to contain and entertain 14- 10 yr old boys. They were so happy to be allowed to play games. Screen time!!! The truck had many kinds of game consoles and games available. The took turns rotating for the duration of the party.

Happy Birthday boys! How are you 10?

You can find the video game party editable printable package in my shop.

Video Game Back Drop/ Large Sign


Video Game Printable Editable Invitation



February 18th, 2020

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My 13 year old turned 13 on the 13th! Her Golden Birthday! We embraced gold as our theme to make an elegant teenage party room. The addition of pink made it soft and feminine.

The place settings were created using these pink and gold dot plates from Hobby Lobby. They were the first party item I purchased and the colors were designed around them. I added gold chargers, silverware and real glassware to create an elegant grown up table.

The centerpiece for the main table was the last piece of this party to fall into place. I felt like I had done versions of so many other things that came to mind and none felt right. While setting up the room my friend and I remembered a gorgeous ornament garland we did for our girls’ 5th birthday. It was a Christmas pajamas and pancakes party in red and greens. As soon as we said it I knew that a gold version was the perfect thing to run down the table. It added texture and shine and was so fast to make. It is as simple as stringing shatterproof ornaments on a ribbon.

My daughter chose the menu for her Golden treats. Golden oreos, pretzels and strawberries dipped in pink melting chocolate and gold sprinkles, caramel corn in pink and gold cups, and a plain vanilla cake dressed up with gold sprinkles and a topper. It was simple and elegant. 

The biggest labor of love by far was this gorgeous ribbon garland. It took LOTS of ribbon, lace and tulle to make. I lost count of how many spools I used. It really wasn’t that hard to make but it took several hours to cut and tie them all and was not cheap. If you have this on your list for a future event definitely use your coupons! It I hung in my daughter’s room now so it was a worth while investment and such a beautiful statement piece.

I designed printables for the party with a pink and gold glitter background. The were the perfect addition to the other elements of the party. Printable labels are always a great way to dress up a water bottle.

I backed the banner shapes with gold glitter paper from the craft store to add even more sparkle. Is there ever really too much sparkle?

I did the same with the centerpiece circles. Tiny pink and gold glitter ornaments and balls were the perfect vase filler.

Our main activity of the evening was a mall scavenger hunt! Could there be anything more perfect at 13? I created matching shirts for the girls that said Birthday Girl and Birthday Squad. Each girl received a bag with their name on it to collect all of the mall goodies.

At a few of our stops they got to pick out an item at the store the clue led them to. The rest of them I purchased ahead and at certain stops handed out a favor to everyone. It was a great way to make it more budget friendly with 10 girls.

A large section of our scavenger hunt was to take photos as a group with certain items or take photos of items found throughout the mall. For these cell phone loving teens it was a great way to expand our hunt without adding cost. Our scavenger hunt printable card is available below.

We ended the evenging with the golden face masks and a sleepover! So far having a teen is fun!

You can find the EDITABLE printable party décor in my store! Just print, assemble, and party!

A matching EDITABLE invitation is also available. I backed the invite with more gold glitter paper to make it extra sparkly.

You can download the FREE Printable Scavenger Hunt card here! golden party scavenger hunt

Happy Party Planning!

January 13th, 2020

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This adorable kitty adoption party was thrown by a customer using my printable cat party package. There are so many fun ideas. Guests arrived and were greeted by these cute gray kitties ready for adoption.

Stations were set up throughout the party with activities to care for their new kitties. This cute bath was created using blue plastic balls and cotton ball bubbles.

Each kitty received a sparkly personalized collar.  

A vet station for checkups was created using toy doctor kit items.

All the kitties were groomed with hair brushes.

And each kitty got an official adoption certificate.

Guests took home their kitty and favor items (including a kitty ear headband) in this custom cat favor bags. The party mom assembled them using white gift bags and cutting cute kitty facial features to attach.

A printable cat favor tag was the purrrfect addition.

An adorable treat table was set up with lots of yummy kitty themed snacks.

Cat Sushi and dipped oreos were the biggest hit with the kids.

Mini water bottles were dressed up with printable cat water bottle labels.

Of course no kitty party would be complete with your choice of milk to drink.

Chocolate and white cupcakes were topped with printable cat cupcake toppers and pink and chocolate sprinkles.

There were tons of fun food names including these sixlets in a cat food bowl called Fancy Feast.

Several centerpieces were used throughout the space. Printable circles from the party décor package were used and had fun cat silhouettes or the number 6 added to them.

Dinner was served including Paw-sta and other fun kitty favorites.

I love the use of the mini yarn balls and pawprint table cloth.

These cat face plates were the perfect match to the party.

Lastly, this talented mom made this amazing cat face piñata.

You can find the full cat adoption birthday party printable décor package and invitation in my etsy shop.

October 17th, 2019

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This party was inspired by my 5yr old and his love everything dinosaurs! We did a dino first birthday party for him as well but it had a completely different feel with bright colors and silhouettes. I knew that this party needed to be much more rustic. We spotted the large dino skeleton at Joann Fabrics and it became the starting point to our party. Earth tones and greenery everywhere you looked set the stage for a DINO DIG!

My wood pallet was the perfect backdrop for the party table. I created it for the camping party I did a few years ago. I created this gorgeous leaf garland using images cut on my silhouette. I was inspired by a similar banner on pinterest and knew it would give the table the color and texture it needed. Paired with the printable dino happy birthday banner they made a great impact in the space.

For the party cake I wanted something equally as rustic as the decor. Nothing too perfect. This cake was super easy to make at home. The top is crushed Chips Ahoy cookies, a chocolate ganache drizzle, and candy rocks bought on amazon. Stacking it on wood slices gave it height and added more texture and nature to the space. 

For party food I tried to keep everything in greens and browns. We had green fruits and veggies (apples, cucumber, celery, and carrots), pudding dirt cups with candy rocks, dinosaur skeleton sugar cookies, and of course dino nuggets! 

I saw the cookie cutter for these dinosaur skeleton sugar cookies online and knew I had to have them. I was pleasantly surprised how easy they were. I will share step by step details on them in another post. The kids loved them and they were so yummy!


Our activities for the party were a Dino Dig, scavenger hunt, and pinata! Each child received dino dig kit, binoculars, hat, and bag to take home their goodies. 

These dig kits were so easy to create. The containers were purchased at my local dollar store. A sand mixture inside buried gems, rocks, and dino skeletons. I included a magnifying glass, several dig tools, and brush for their archaeological findings.  

A printable dinosaur favor tag and strip of burlap added a fun touch to each box. 

Inside each box were several layers of dinos and stones to dig for.

Kraft paper bags were easy to dress up with a printable centerpiece circle and favor tag. Each guest was able to collect all of their party goodies inside to take home. 

As party guests arrived we helped them look the part of a paleontologist with hats and binoculars. These were such a big hit!

The main party table was so fun to create. It had so many layers of color, texture, and dinosaur elements including wood, moss, greenery and more. 

A printable 2 sided centerpiece was at the very center of the table. 

The table runner was created using burlap and a roll of moss found at the craft store. I loved the texture the moss brought to the table.

These awesome wood dinosaur skeleton puzzles were perfect to bring in the dinosaur bones in another way. We had 4 different dinosaurs on the table.

Each place setting included these gorgeous wood grain plates. They were one of my favorite finds for this party. I layered green napkins with wood silverware. The little dino foot was added using a rubber stamp I had in my craft collection. 

Glass milk bottle are one of my favorite containers to use on a party table. They are so versatile. I wrapped them with a printable dinosaur water bottle label to match the printables throughout the party. 

The greenery was all found at my local dollar store. I stuck them into a foam block with brown crinkle paper around it to mimic dirt. I used multiple containers of greenery throughout the space to add color and height anywhere I could.

You have seen several elements already that the kids took home. A hat, binoculars, and dino dig box. I also created these favor bags using a printable treat bag topper from the printable dinosaur package. Chocolate rocks were a fun addition to the bags to continue our outdoor dig theme.

After lunch we headed out for a scavenger hunt to find a dinosaur. The kids dressed up and were ready for the hunt!

I created cards that I hid around our home and neighborhood to lead them to the final prize.

They succeeded and found the dinosaur pinata.

After the hunt we went back inside to DIG! The kids LOVED this so much. I gave each kid a tray to attempt to contain some of the mess. They had so much fun finding all the treasures. I originally attempted a moon sand recipe for the boxes but out Home Depot did not have the right kind of sand. At the last minute it basically ended up being a wet sand mixture that was still fun to dig through. Pinterest has some great ideas for dig boxes containing plaster but for 5 year olds I did not want it to be hard to do. They were able to use bury their treasures again and dig over and over. 

Last, but actually first was the front door that greeted guests as they came in. A neighbor had this great giant dinosaur skeleton from Halloween we were able to borrow. I cut dinosaur footprints out of cardstock leading up to the party.

A printable welcome sign was mounted on layered cardstock and hung using twine. So easy and so cute!

This cute 5 year old of mine loved his dinosaur dig party! He said it was the best party ever! haha! It is always fun to incorporate something my kids LOVE into a theme.


You can find all of the printable decor in my etsy shop! I hope you enjoyed all of our Dino Dig party details!

The printable dino invite can be found here


Find the large printable dino dig sign here


Party Supplies:

Large Dinosaur Skeletons- Joann Fabric (Halloween season)

Wooden 5 Cake Toppers- Amazon

Dinosaur Cookie Cutter/Stamp Set- Amazon

Greenery- Dollar Store

Wooden Dinosaur Skeletons- Amazon

Binoculars- Amazon

Safari Hats- Amazon

Bamboo Plates- Amazon

Wood Silverware- Amazon

Dinosaur Skeleton Pinata- Oriental Trading Co.

Dig Boxes & Rocks- Dollar Store

Mini Dino Skeletons- Amazon

May 13th, 2019

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What little girl hasn’t dreamt of going to Paris someday? A Paris party is such a fun theme. This customer party features the classic pink and black color scheme with plenty of Parisian touches. 


A play on french food was done with a breakfast of French Toast 🙂 , croissants, scones, berries, and more.


Food tent cards had the french words for each item. Such a cute touch to the party table. 


My printable banner square is paired with a sparkly Eiffel tower and number 9 to create a cute centerpiece for the food table. Think outside the box when using printables. Cupcake toppers can be used to create a mini banner or tag. Each item can be used lots of ways.



A sweet dessert table was created featuring Eiffel Tower cookies, dipped oreos, cupcakes, and several pink beverages. Mix and match lots of small treats to create a pretty tablescape.


Water bottle labels are a simple way to add a touch of the party theme with poodles and Eiffel Towers. 


Coordinating Paris printable cupcake toppers are the perfect addition to the dessert table. 


The party mom created this fun photo booth with a pink table cloth, Eiffel Tower but from black butcher paper, poms, and a few photo props. This is a great way to get a photo with each guest at the party. I love sending photos from parties with my thank you notes.  Kids love the keepsake.


Even the American Girl Doll was dressed for the occasion with her Paris Art set up.


The main table was set up for guests to enjoy their treats with fancy chargers, pink and black Paris dishes, and candlelight. 


An art studio was set up for a Paris paint night. Each girl painted an Eiffel Tower canvas to take home.


As favors guests took an Eiffel Tower chocolate dressed up with matching printable Paris favor tags. 


What a fun party theme! You can find the coordinating printable decor and invitations in my etsy shop. 

Paper Tableware: Oriental Trading Company


November 26th, 2018

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It is officially October!! I have 2 free files to share with you today. Halloween is coming and I am excited to decorate my house for fall. I love using printable art like this on my entry table. Just put in a cute 5×7 frame, add a little pumpkin next to it and you have easy cute decor. I am sharing both a Halloween and Harvest printable. Enjoy!!!




Check out my other Halloween printables in my etsy shop.

October 1st, 2018

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What screams TWEEN PARTY more than Emojis?!? This adorable customer party is such a great mix of classic black and white and pops of emoji yellow.

The backdrop was created using an oversized canvas and printable emoji images found in my emoji party decor package.


A simple white store bought cake is dressed up with cute emoji sugar candies and a mini birthday banner.


Printable emoji cupcake toppers were added to store bought chocolate cupcakes. Reminiscent of the classic poop emoji without being quite so literal. ha! 


White gable boxes made the perfect favor box. They are a perfect blank canvas. Paper ribbon, printable emojis, and favor tags make them coordinate perfectly with the party decor. 


Inside was all emoji themed of course. Emoji graham crackers, pencil, ball, plush keychains, cups, and water bottles wrapped with a printable emoji label. The bottle matched the box emoji so each kid knew which one was theirs. 


Emoji helium balloons framed the large party table with a great pop of color. 


This cute light up emoji was a great addition to the table. 



This mini rainbow poop emoji was the talk of the party. 


Emojis, Emojis everywhere!!! Plush emoji pillows added to the furniture was a fun touch.


My printable emoji banner was hung by the birthday girl’s seat of honor. The Emoji Movie played as guests arrived. 


I love this little centerpiece set up using my printable Emoji centerpiece circles. I will be honest it took me a second to know what HBD2U was. haha! (Happy Birthday To You for anyone like me that didn’t get it at first.)


The full printable emoji party decor package is in my etsy shop


Lots of versions of coordinating emoji invitations are available as well. A classic layout and a Texting layout are both available in multiple colors. The party decor package can be made in any of the colors shown.

September 17th, 2018

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This customer mermaid party has all the whimsical touches a mermaid party should. The flowy table skirt gives you the feeling that you are floating under water. A beautiful balloon garland arch frames the table making a huge statement in the room while giving the feel of bubble floating. 


I love personalizing a party with the child’s name. These DIY hand decoracted paper mache name letters take personalization to a new level. Each letter is unique with tons of texture and sparkle.


The party table held tons of under the sea mermaid inspired treats like these gorgeous sugar cookies by Swirls of Sugar. You can also see cute s’mores party favors featuring my printable treat bag toppers.


The attention to detail in these cookies is amazing. They are each a yummy piece of art. 


Cute hair ties made with mermaid ribbon were a fun take home for the party guests. 


Here is a closer look at the adorable s’mores party favor. 


This cake was created by using a plain white store bought cake. The party mom dressed it up with all of her daughter’s favorite yummy treats and some of the sugar cookies. This is such a great DIY party tip. You don’t have to pay $$$ for a show stopping cake. 


Sweet little gold mermaids topped cupcakes. 


Grapes were stacked on skewers to look like seaweed. This look was also shown in the dolphin party I shared not long ago. 


Bubble wands had my printable mermaid favor tags backed with gold glittery paper. The tiny little pearl accents with the ribbons is perfect for a mermaid theme. 


The printable mermaid Happy Birthday banner was hung by the birthday girl’s seat. 


Even the dolls got in on the mermaid fun. 


The girls sat at this adorable table. A sand colored table runner was the perfect base for all of the bright pops of mermaid accents. 


Tulle ribbon was tied to each chair with a star fish creating special seats for each guest.


Instead of 1 large centerpiece my printable centerpiece circles were individually placed in mason jars. 


Each circle was backed with gold glitter paper to add sparkle to the table.


Printable cupcake toppers were tied to glass jars for drinks. 


The entry way featured this DIY sparkly ribbon garland. Touches teal and gold elements on the table made a beautiful welcome to the party. 


How cute is that octopus plate?!?! A perfect accent piece. Multiples of my printable mermaid centerpiece circles were put together to create a fun centerpiece set. 


Outside this balloon net was a great backdrop for an art station. The girls painted sea shells. 


The guests each took home a sand bucket with a printable mermaid favor tag to carry all their party goodies home in. 


A drink station was set up outside with this cute foam cooler turned into a treasure chest.


Cute little mermaid and narwhal squeezy toys were ready for a water fight. These doubled as a party favor.  


The girls spent the rest of the party running through the unicorn sprinkler and having a water fight. The towels were made into mermaid tails with small rubber bands on the ends. Another adorable but functional party favor for the win!


You can find a matching printable mermaid invitation and party decor package in my etsy shop. 

August 27th, 2018

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My daughter has always loved anything from the 1950s. When the Mary Ellen American Girl doll came out and she got a diner to go with it we knew it would be the perfect party theme! My goal was to create a fun diner style atmosphere. I always love the retro colors and black and white check patterns in diners. I used this as the starting point when designing this 50’s diner party decor package. (Links for everything used can be found at the end of the post)


At the table I started with a simple black and white check table runner to continue the patterns in the printable party decor.


I used these cute red cake stands (found in the Target Dollar Spot) to add some color. They held printable diner menus and retro ketchup and mustard containers.  A restaurant style napkin dispenser added to the diner feel.


My printable 50s printable party circles made the perfect centerpiece for the table. I love the cute jukebox and poodle skirt images throughout the party line.


Glass soda bottles were dressed up with a printable water bottle label. The girls loved drinking soda from them.


At each place setting I used records as chargers. A printable label personalized it and made a keepsake for the party guests. I went to our local Goodwill store and bought tons of old records. The style of music did not matter for this use. 


Food was served in classic red diner food baskets and checkered liners. The girls had their choice of hotdogs and hamburgers served with a side of fries.


It is always fun to set up a little doll scene matching the party decor. MaryEllen had a yummy meal at the diner too.


For the main party table I had this extra large Madison’s Diner sign printed. I loved the impact it made in the space. This table held the desserts and party favors. 


The cake was inspired by a pink poodle skirt, the sign image, and of course a jukebox. Look at that tiny record inside. 


Just in case anyone needed something other than soda I used these 50’s printable labels to dress up water bottles. They featured all of the cute images found in the party decor package. 


As if cake was not enough, we had yummy root beer floats served in these cute ice cream sundae cups. 


Party favors for the guests were adorable in these pink classic car favor boxes.


Each girl got a pair of vintage glasses and polka dot scarf to wear during the party.


Also included was pink and blue cotton candy with a printable favor tag.


50s inspired sugar cookies were wrapped up and sent home with each of the girls as well. They were all to sugared out to eat them during the party. ha!


After our yummy diner experience we had fun with a photo booth 50’s sock hop style.


We made these cute saddle shoes from basic white tennis shoes found at Target. I used black craft paint to paint the inside shape. 


I purchased a set of printable 50s photo props on Etsy. They were super simple to print at home and cut out. The girls had a blast being silly with them. 


Next we had a hoola hoop contest. It was so funny to watch. The girls loved it!


Last for the evening was karaoke. This is where the evening got the silliest. They sang their hearts out and laughed until they cried. 


This was such a fun party theme. Having the guests come dressed up made it even more fun. The girls really got into character. I hope you enjoyed our 50’s Diner Party. 


You can find all of the printable decorations by clicking shop above or following the links and party sources are below.

(Edited 5/20- Some fonts have been changed slightly from the original set. Files are now editable. Photo below are the most current.)



Printable Party Decor – Sign   Party Decor   Invite

Scarves- Amazon(currently unavailable)

Glasses- Amazon (AD) (rhinestones added by me)

Pink Car Boxes- The Sugar Diva

Black & White Checkered Floor- Amazon(AD)

Ketchup & mustard bottles- Local restaurant supply store (similar can be found on Amazon)(AD)

Napkin Dispensers- Local restaurant supply store (similar can be found on Amazon)(AD)

Glass Soda Bottles – Michael’s Crafts

Records – Used records of any style from Goodwill

Food Baskets & Liners -Local restaurant supply store (similar can be found on Amazon)(AD)

Poodle Skirt -Bday Girl – Amazon (AD) (runs small! My 11 yr old is a 14/16 and wearing the Women’s Med/Lg)

Doll Diner – Target

Doll Outfit – Local Market

Photo Props – Etsy

Saddle Shoes- Target

August 22nd, 2018

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